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Desert Rose Door Refinishing offers over 20 years experience in custom residential and commercial door finishing services. We are door refinishing, repair, and restoration specialists, ready to help you upgrade and improve your doors!

Our staining expertise allows us to closely match your original door color. However, if you want to update the look of your home, we can work with you or your decorator to stain your door the color of your choice.

Doors That Are Uniquely Yours!

If you are looking for something unique, our specialized techniques of door refinishing, custom staining, and door antiquing and distressing may be the answer.

We focus on customer satisfaction, which includes education on how to keep your refinished door looking beautiful. We always answer customer inquiries quickly and arrive at your home or business on time.

Our custom finishing process gives your door the best possible protection against the elements. This process allows us to complete your wood door on-site, generally in one day, resulting in a door that looks better than new!

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Typically, a front door should be refinished every 2-5 years, depending on exposure to weather elements and the quality of the original finish. Regular maintenance can extend the life of the finish and keep your door looking its best.
Every door undergoes a thorough inspection to assess any damage, dimensions, and specific requirements. All of these factors are considered when determining the cost of refinishing your door. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a fixed price range for this particular project due to the varying nature of the work involved, which includes preparation, staining, and finishing.
Refinishing a front door is often more cost-effective and can restore the door’s original beauty, especially if the door is structurally sound. Replacing the door might be necessary if it has significant damage.
Staining penetrates the wood and enhances its natural grain and color, providing a more natural appearance. If you ar looking for a more solid appearance we can stain to that style. Painting covers all grain giving a more solid appearance.
Refinishing a front door typically takes 1 day of a typical size door. With surrounds or multi-door projects the number of days will be determined. At the end of each day if it’s a multi-day project all doors will be rehung so that your home is secure. This process includes stripping the old finish, sanding, staining and applying a protective topcoat.

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