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How your wooden door becomes damaged:Door Refinishing Repair Sample

What you see is cracks, splintering, ridges, flaking, chalkiness, mold, etc. This damage has been adding up for years. If your wooden door is facing north, south, east, or west, without any or little protection your door gets scorched on a daily basis. The sun’s UV rays have been beating down on your wooden door in a similar way that causes humans to get sunburned.

The sun’s UV rays, especially in Arizona, begin breaking down the wood finish and as the layers of finish break down, the wood gets increasing amounts of UV –destroying the cellulose. The wood beneath the finish begins drying out which allows the wood finish to begin cracking, peeling and flaking. Add moisture to this dry condition and deterioration occurs rapidly.

Just like us, wood needs care and protection. As cracks begin to appear, water is able to work itself into the cellulose of the wood, beginning the process of deterioration and mold. The water trapped underneath the layer of original finish also speeds up the process of deteriorating the remaining finish. Now the sun has an ally above and below the surface of the wood finish.

The UV rays of the sun fade, scorch or bleach the wood door and stain. This causes the door to look discolored. Just open your door, compare the inside of the door jamb to the door. You should be able to see what years of fading have done. It is necessary to maintain wood doors and this is the ideal time to call and have your wood door refinished –before extreme damage is done.

Once your door is refinished it will need regular maintenance to keep it beautiful. Our maintenance program provides you with the solution to keeping your door in the best shape possible!

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