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Wood Care and Wood Maintenance:

We feel that it is important to educate our Arizona customers regarding the care of their wooden door. This is the reason that we are providing articles on door care and maintenance. Whether you have a new or refinished wooden door, it is important to maintain it on a regular basis.

We know that life is busy and before you know it two or more years have gone by and your wooden door is in need of refinishing –even though this time you promised yourself that you would take better care of your door. If a scheduled door maintenance plan is put into place, you will never have to worry about your wood entry again!

Let us take one of the more time consuming jobs off of your “to do” list! While maintenance is not the total solution, it will go a long way to delay the date that your entry door needs refinishing. Desert Rose Door Refinishing is happy to provide regular maintenance for your wooden door.

Based on your doors exposure we can set up a door maintenance schedule that will help keep your wooden door at its best. Maintenance may be needed bi-annually (extreme exposure to sun and rain), annually (moderate exposure), or only every 18 months or more (mild exposure). Our wooden door maintenance service will provide the protection necessary to keep wood door refinishing to a minimum. Ask us about a door maintenance schedule.

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