How Wood Becomes Damaged

What Damages Wooden Doors?

When you look at your door, you might see cracks, splintering, ridges, flaking, chalkiness, mold, etc. This damage has been adding up for years!

No matter what direction your door faces, without any or little protection, your door gets scorched on a daily basis. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays have been beating down on your wooden door in a similar way that causes humans to get sunburned.

The sun’s UV rays begin breaking down the wood finish and as the layers of finish break down, the wood gets increasing amounts of UV light, which destroys the cellulose in the wood. The wood beneath the finish also begins drying out, causing cracking, peeling and flaking. Add moisture to this dry condition and the deterioration occurs more rapidly.

Just like our skin, wood needs care and protection. The UV rays fade, scorch or bleach the wood door and stain, causing the door to look discolored.

Go ahead and open your door, and compare the inside of the door jamb to the door. You should be able to see what years of fading have done. Time to refinish!

Once your door is refinished, it will need regular maintenance to keep it beautiful. Our maintenance program will help keep your door in the best shape possible!