Is It Time to Refinish

Is It Time to Refinish?

How can you tell if your wood door needs to be refinished? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then your door is probably ready!

  • Does your wood door get direct exposure to the sun or rain?
  • Is your door lacking protection from the elements –porch roof, awning, or natural foliage to shade?
  • Is your door subjected to rain or watering from caring for your lawn?
  • Is your wooden door more than five years old?
  • Take a look at your wood garage doors are they suffering from any of these symptoms?

Your wood door may have any or all of the following issues which indicates that your door is in need of care:

  • Wooden door dry or chalky to the touch
  • Grain of wood door has deep valleys and ridges
  • Black streaks, spots, especially at the bottom of the door, which indicate mold
  • Fading –look at the door once it is open and compare to the part of the door jambs that are not constantly exposed
  • Damaged on the bottom portion, but top portion is still in good shape
  • Splintering or cracks

We can handle all of your door refinishing needs!